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I have always found Temple Grandin to be incredibly inspiring. I first read about her Squeeze Machine back in the 90s and have learnt so much from her ever since. I agree that  the world does indeed "need all kinds of minds". #neurodiversity.

When I deliver introductory sessions on understanding autism, I tend to give Stephen Wiltshire a mention. While only some people with autism have sauvant skills, it's really useful to open the minds of participants to potential... if you work to someone's strengths.

Tony Atwood's son has Aspergers. Tony has studied and worked to get a better understanding of autism for 40 years. This video explains what autism is and how it presents. This video is really accessible. Well worth a watch if you think someone might be autistic. 

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"An equality impact assessment will help you analyse your policies and practices to make sure they do not discriminate or disadvantage people. EAIs also improve or promote equality." http://www.acas.org.uk/media/pdf/s/n/Acas_managers_guide_to_equality_assessments.pdf

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