SPECTRUM Savvy: Passionate about the autism spectrum

A neurotypical embracing neurodiversity through social media and bespoke autism related training in the East Midlands

Who is SPECTRUM Savvy?


 Nicola Beldham found autism as her vocation in 1994 and ever since, has always strived for better understanding of the condition and for meaningful and valuable inclusion. 

She has a degree in Human Communication, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a masters in Autism with distinction. She led a specialist Further Education team to be finalists for a National Autistic Society award for innovative practice. 

Nicola is neurotypical version of an autism specialist in a Further Education college, but under the name 'Spectrum savvy', Nicola also embraces neurodiversity and inclusive practice through social media and bespoke autism related training. 

Autism is Nicola's 'Special Interest'

Why choose SPECTRUM Savvy?

The Spectrum Savvy Approach...

A person-centred focus, highly reflective practice and a drive for meaningful inclusion are all at the heart of the Spectrum Savvy message and will all help to take your inclusive practice to the next level. 

A Savvy Strategy...

SPECTRUM Savvy stays savvy, by continuously learning from autistic people to help you do the same. 

Spectrum Savvy promotes the social model of disability and provides information to support you on your inclusive journey, bringing out the best in your Autistic learners and employees.

Help for Schools and Colleges

School Holiday Autism Workshops for Children and Young People


Bespoke Staff Development Delivery (Evenings, weekends or school holidays)


Help for Communities...

Autism Workshops for community Groups


Autism Workshops in the workplace


Are you inclusive enough?

" The Equality Act 2010 requires that service providers must think ahead and take steps to address barriers that impede disabled people. In doing this, it is a good idea to consider the range of disabilities (e.g. autism spectrum) that your actual or potential service users might have. You should not wait until a disabled person experiences difficulties using a service, as this may make it too late to make the necessary adjustment."  www.edf.org.uk

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